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SWIMTAG ger dig en unik inblick i dina simningar där du antingen analyserar varje simtag, längder eller hela passet.

The system tracks the number of lengths you complete, split times, stroke type and stroke rate. You can then keep track of key swim statistics such as average pace, distance per stroke, calorie burn and rest percentage

SWIMTAG håller dig hela tiden uppdaterad med din utveckling och uppnådda mål, samt alla dina träningspass i bassängen. Eftersom Swimtag registrerar all väsentlig information från dina träningspass kommer vi bland annat meddela dina personliga rekord, du kan jämföra alla dina träningspass, du kan analysera teknik och statistik från varje enskilt pass, samtidigt som vi håller dig informerar dig om nya tävlingar och utmaningar.

Du kommer också att kunna se information från din lokala simhall om senaste nytt och eventuella utmaningar och andra interna aktiviteter.

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Waterside Didsbury

With @SWIMTAG seeing your Swimming data is as simple as that 👇🏽 You can enter challenges and competitions to compe…

Sian Maragna

@LeeDMcBride @SWIMTAG I’m with you! Love getting an email after my swim 🤓

Andrew Goldsmith

I love the motivation of wearing a @SWIMTAG and there's no end of stats to compare. Just wish my goggles didn't lea…

Tracey Davis

@SWIMTAG completed my first challenge at Longwell Green today, Escape from Alcatraz. Swimtag is great to use and encourages me to swim more.

WV Active

🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 Thanks! We hope you enjoy your prizes and keep up the @SWIMTAG battles.

Tracey Davis

@SWIMTAG @WestwoodsHC I started using SWIMTAG at my local pool a few weeks Ago. Ive been swimming more lengths than…

Helen Rimmer 🔶️

@CollinsErc81 @SWIMTAG This tells me stroke rate etc too. I had a fitbit that counted lengths but this is so much b…

maykingtea #CXMids

Woohoo hoo! I did it! 60 lengths! 62 in fact! Thanks for capturing this data @SWIMTAG and thanks @thorncliffehlc…

♫ Polly ♫

#Progress I LOVE @SWIMTAG doesn't matter how good you are when you start it's about the improvement, that's what dr…


@SWIMTAG 40 lengths completed today and feeling fitter and it is all because of @SWIMTAG making me want to beat my…

Dean Barney

@SWIMTAG is a great way of tracking your movement and fitness in the water and setting yourself goals and challenge…

Lee McBride

Used @SWIMTAG for the first time yesterday. Really impressed at how accurate it is, including the stroke I was usin…

Sian Maragna

@LeeDMcBride @SWIMTAG Love a swim tag!

Neil Chesterton

@SWIMTAG Just recorded my 1000th km of swimming using your fantastic motivational tool.


This week I tried @SWIMTAG in my local pool. It is great to be able to track your progress. I am surprised how accurate it is.

Discover the features


Utmana dig själv eller andra genom att delta i en av de befintliga utmaningarna, exempelvis att korsa engelska kanalen eller att korsa Atlanten.


Tävlingar sätter ihop dig mot andra simmare i din lokala simanläggning, simma den inställda distansen och simsättet och SWIMTAG kommer att lägga din bästa tid till topplistan.


Create a SWIMTAG Goal to track a swim stat over a fixed time period, either a total or average value can be monitored to push yourself further in the pool.

Personliga rekord

Det finns möjlighet att registrera upp till fem personliga rekord för varje simsätt och distans. SWIMTAG analyserar varje simtag för att hjälpa dig att sätta nya personliga rekord. SWIMTAG kommer dessutom att delge dig varje gång du sätter ett nytt rekord.


Välj ett av våra träningsprogram och SWIMTAG hjälper dig att hålla koll på din progression. Använd våra interaktiva träningskartor för att se hur långt du kommit i din strävan eller se hur konkurrenterna ligger till.


Använd "simvänner" för att delge din träningsutveckling i bassängen samtidigt som du kan se dina vänners utveckling. Tävla mot och motivera varandra att förbättra!

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Vila %


Tid totalt


Snitt DPA








Ny simning uppladdad

Din simning på 3 juli på Eastwoods Health Club laddades upp, du simmade 800 meter i 34min 55sek. Se din simning här

Utmaningen 50% komplett

Du har slutfört hälften av Escape From Alcatraz utmaningen, fortsätt kämpa!

Uppdatering tävling

Goda nyheter, har du slagit tiden från förra gången i Beginners 1km Competition tävlingen 4.4 sekunder, du är nu på 12th plats. Kontrollera din senaste position här

Nytt personligt rekord

Du har slagit din bästa tid för 400m Frisim med 2.3 sekunder! Bra gjort, dtt nya personliga rekord är 1m 7s.


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Utmana dig själv eller andra genom att delta i en av de befintliga utmaningarna, exempelvis att korsa engelska kanalen eller att korsa Atlanten.


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What are your #SWIMTAG goals?


TAKE PART AND WIN 🏆 . . . . Who's taking part in our March 2020 SWIMTAG Challenge? 🙌 You've got the month of March to swim 10.59km - the distance of a Birmingham canal tour from University Canal Station to Calthorpe Park. The fastest swimmer at each centre will win a prize! . . If you're not signed up, speak to our reception teams about creating a SWIMTAG account. . . #SWIMTAG #swimming #birminghamcanals


Quick Friday evening km - trying out different breathing sequences, didn’t seem to be much difference in speed between them over short distances - was fun though kind of like fartlek for swimming #5kswimtraining #emptypool #swimming #swimtag


Another swim done for body magic this week and to wrack up those miles for the @diabetesuk #swim22challenge . Definitely pushed myself tonight. I'm hoping to start doing a bit more front crawl going forward. #slimmingworld #swimtag #swimming #swimmingpool #activecentres #weightlossjourney #weightloss #justkeepswimming #bodymagic


Swim tag update! In February we had 🔷246 swimmers 🔷929 swims 🔷28 new Swimtag users 🔷average swim time 34 minutes Want to find out more about Swimtag? Visit our swim pages on our website #swimtag #seemyswim #swimming


#placesleisure #swimtag #swimming #swimmingchallenge #ileostomybag #ileostomyswimming #ileostomylife #stomawarrior #ostomates #ostomyadvocate #ostomate #ileostomyawareness


In February 2020, 159 swimmers at Maltby Leisure Centre swam a total distance of 1,212.61 km taking 25 days 17 hours burning an estimated 400,329kcal 🏊‍♀️💦 Enquire about SwimTag at Reception for more information 😊⌚ #SwimTag


Boom! #swimming #swimtag


Fertsch! 🤩 Tim Spangenberg, technischer Leiter der SWE Bäder GmbH, kann nicht nur Technik, sondern auch schwimmen.🏊🏊🏊 Er ist mit der #SWIMTAG-Challenge in #Erfurt durch und belegt Platz 5. 👍 Habt ihr euch schon angemeldet? Bis Ende Juni könnt ihr noch mitmachen.


A little exercise to get my body slimmer 😃 #wwuk #wwapp #wwfamily #wellness #wellbeing #weightloss #weightlossjourney #weightwatchersuk #weightlosssupport #support #smartpoints #myjourney #healthylifestyle #healthyeating #healthyliving #healthychoices #food #foodblogger #happyme #happierme #hypothyroidismweightloss #wellness #wellnessjourney #swim22 #swimtag


Schwimmcamp in Nordhorn / sport.TRI.lich / BECO SWIMteam #weloveaquasports #sporttrilich #triathlon #training #swimming #running #biking #personaltraining #grouptraining #trainingsplan #leistungsdiagnostik #athletic #technique #fitspo #gym #rupini #yoga #asana #hathayoga #meditation #massage #aerobee_energy #schwimmen #laufen #radfahren #trainingscamp #swimtag #lüneburg #fit #motivation


Used the Swim tag @activeluton on Sunday. Impressed with the tracking of lengths and not a faff to sign up. It’s also free. Get swimming!!!! #swimtag #swimtrack #swimcoach #swimcoaching #luton #hatfield


A cheeky 2200m before work mixing with the pull bouy, no counting today so just swam with the @swimtag on. Leg feels good and no pain so swimming it is until the surgery no doubt later in the year. #swim #swimtag #swimming #poolparty #training #exercise


Did you know we offer SWIMTAG for our members⁉️ SWIMTAG is the latest wearable technology that helps you track your swim activity. You can enter challenges and competitions to compete against other swimmers or your own personal best. Just speak to our reception team on your next visit to find out more 🏊🏻‍♂️ @swimtag #swimtag #swimming


Long Swim - planned to increase by 10% from last weeks long swim (sensible head) but it was too close to 2 miles not to round up a little Nearly 5 minutes slower for the second mile only in a very small part due to a lane change - need to start a bit slower and work on the consistency but the half marathon is looking more and more possible Also need to work out the Correct tightness for goggles to keep water out but not leave an angry face dent #5kswimtraining #longswim #swimming #lanerage #newgoggles #swimmingpace #swimtag #swimathon #swimathon2020


Tried out the new #swimtag at #pondsforge tonight. I didn't need to try and remember to count lengths so could concentrate on just swimming 👍🏼


It’s me 🤣#swim #swimming #mermaid relaxing swim for an hour didn’t even bother with #SWIMTAG today #crosstrainingforrunners #restday I am a member so why nots #mediumlane until loads got out then back to my fave the #slowlane I prefer swimming clockwise 💜🧜‍♀️🌈 not an anti sorta girl #halfmarathontraining X


Smashing PB’s left right and centre today! 💕 . . . . . . #Swimming #Swim22 #ChallengeYourself #PunishYourGoals #PersonalBest #LongestSwim #FastestAveragePace #Over100Lengths #2500m #BasicallyAFish #SwimGoals #SWIMTAG


Super hard swim tonight, very tired and all alone.... But still managed to crack out a few lengths, before calling it a night! #thisgirlcansuffolk #tgcsuffolk #thisgirlcan #soloswim #lengths #swimtag #tierdnow #stats #selfmotivation #stillsmiling #lovinglife #felixstoweleisurecentre #felixstoweswimming


Today I tried out the swim tag at my local leisure centre. It's very good and I'm pretty please with my swim today. 850 meters in the bag, although I'm having trouble getting onto my fundraising page to log it. Will try again later. #slimmingworld #weightlossjourney #swimming #swimtag #swim22 #swim22challenge


Loving the swim 🏊🏻‍♀️😃 #swimtag

Frequently Asked Questions

No, you can import your swim data from Apple Health (using an Apple Watch) or .FIT file (using Garmin Connect or any other compatible device) or manually log your swim data.
You can create your account and import swims for free, if you are using a SWIMTAG wristband you have full access to the website otherwise some advanced features require a subscription.
Just nu kan vi bara leverera armband med ett SWIMTAG system.
Yes, you can import open water swims to SWIMTAG using a compatible sports watch
If you are a pool operator please visit for information on a Club SWIMTAG system and the contact details for your local SWIMTAG Team.