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Jersey Island Swim

Distance: 51.29 km

11 Feb 2019 - 16 Feb 2019

Audience: 2 Pools
Starting and finishing at the Elizabeth Castle breakwater, this route broadly follows the journey swum by brave swimmers every year in Jersey's "Round Island Challenge". Our route goes slightly closer to shore, so it's shorter by a few kilometres, but you won't have the tides which are often kind to swimmers taking part in the annual race! From Elizabeth Castle, you'll head East as you circumnavigate the Island in an anti-clockwise direction returning to the same spot some 51km later!

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    Jersey Island Swim

    11 Feb 2019 - 16 Feb 2019 - 51km in 18 days

    NameTotal SwimsDate JoinedDistance Contributed
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    david barton310 Feb 20198150m (16%)
    Mark Bell223 Jan 20196450m (13%)
    Kate Walker421 Jan 20195850m (11%)
    Paul Blacker421 Jan 20195462m (11%)
    Jade Grieve27 Feb 20195050m (10%)
    Catherine Wilson 121 Jan 20193750m (7%)
    Rachel Jayaprakash26 Feb 20193600m (7%)
    Stephanie Millichope110 Feb 20193550m (7%)
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