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Larkfield Leisure Centre
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Join a Team Challenge!
You have been invited to swim the Isle of Wight by Christian Guyton at tmactive as part of a team. Click the link below to find out more.
24 Dec 18
New: Challenge Tiers!
Starting in the new year, we will be rolling out our new TIERED CHALLENGES on SWIMTAG! Aim high, and you can become a top-tier user, with access to much tougher challenges - or if you love to swim but prefer a lower intensity, there will be challenges exclusively available to you too! Remember to update your permissions if you wish to participate in these challenges; users with private accounts will not be able to enter these new challenges. We will still be running regular challenges open to everybody, of course!
13 Dec 18
Last chance to sign up for the team!
Swimmers, there is only one slot remaining on December's team challenge, the Bristol Channel Swim! Do YOU have what it takes to be part of the team? Sign up on your SWIMTAG account today!
26 Nov 18
Join a Team Challenge!
You have been invited to join the Bristol Channel Team Challenge by SWIMTAG Champion Christian at tmactive. Click the link below to find out more.
22 Nov 18
Challenge Certificate
You can now view a Certificate for your challenge once you complete the distance. This gives you a summary of your challenge and allows you to share this with non-Swimtag friends on social media.

To view the certificate click the link on the bottom Challenge Complete news feed notification, 'share' the certificate to enable the share link.
16 Nov 18
Join a Pool Battle
Larkfield Leisure Centre needs your help in a Pool Battle to swim the Grand Canyon Swim against 1 other pools. Click the link below to join your team.
13 Nov 18
Share Your Swims
Did you know you can now share your swims with your non-SWIMTAG friends? Simply click the Share icon on the news feed notification or choose 'Share' on the export menu of the profile page to enable a public link for your swim.
29 Oct 18
Recent Challenge: Isle of Wight
Audience: 2 Pools
Start Date: 01 Jan 2019
End Date: 12 Jan 2019
Stroke Type Summary
Front Crawl - 7,295km
Breaststroke - 7,137km
Backstroke - 524km
Kick - 11km
Butterfly - 9475m