Tonbridge Swimming Pool
20m 25m
Tonbridge Swimming Pool
20m 25m
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Tonbridge Swimming Pool needs your help in a Pool Battle to swim the Aspire Channel Swim 2019 against 1 other pools. Click the link below to join your team.
08 Jan 20
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02 Jan 20
You have been challenged by tmactive!
You have been invited to swim the Paris Landmarks Swim challenge by tmactive. Go to the Challenges page to view this invite.
03 Dec 19
Recent Challenge: Paris Landmarks Swim
Audience: 2 Pools
Start Date: 01 Jan 2020
End Date: 31 Jan 2020
Stroke Type Summary
Front Crawl - 21,583km
Breaststroke - 18,948km
Backstroke - 1,465km
Butterfly - 277km
Kick - 144km