Swimming with SWIMTAG

How does SWIMTAG work?

The SWIMTAG wristband uses a combination of sensors to record your arm movement and position in the pool, this data is processed by our software algorithms into the data you see on your profile.

How accurate are the stats on my profile?

The accuracy of your swimming data will vary depending on how you swim. Irregular and erratic behaviour can introduce errors (eg. if you stop short of the end it may cut your length time short) but if you are swimming regularly accuracy will be good, split times for single lengths can vary as it is difficult to determine when you touch the wall, however times over a number of lengths will generally be accurate to the nearest second.

I have a notification saying my swim is pending analysis, what does this mean?

Sometimes a swim may not get processed correctly which means we will manually check it and upload it to your profile, if your swim is still not visible after 2 days send us a message using the feedback button.

The number of lengths on my swim is not correct?

SWIMTAG is designed to recognise all types of swimmers, however sometimes it can be difficult to pick out lengths if for example you stop halfway between lengths or don't stop at all between lengths. If your data appears inaccurate we suggest you try bringing your wristband out of the water briefly at the end of each length.

Which Stroke Types can SWIMTAG recognise?

SWIMTAG recognises the 4 main stroke types (Freestyle, Breaststroke, Backstroke and Butterfly), we are currently working on introducing further training types such as kick-lengths and sculling. If SWIMTAG does not recognise your stroke style it will be marked as 'unknown', you will then be asked to update the stroke type yourself using the Swim Editor.

My swimming data is not correct, can I edit it?

Yes, using the Swim Editor you can modify your swimming data, open the Swim Editor by selecting a length on the graph (ensuring the 'Custom Sets' button is not selected), or select 'Edit Swim' from the menu. Once you have made your changes SWIMTAG will recalculate your stats for you.

Using the Website

How do I change my details?

Go to the settings page (top-right of your screen), here you can change your email, password, personal details and SWIMTAG settings.

How do I stop other people adding me as a Swim mate?

Select 'Private Account' in the settings page to be removed from Swim Mate searches.

I tried to search for my friend using Swim mates, but I cannot find them?

Your friend may have chosen to opt out of the Swim Mates search by selecting the private account tick box in settings.

I cannot load up the photo I want to use as my profile picture?

You can upload any png, jpg or gif format photos. The photo will be scaled to fit, the ideal size is 50 X 50 pixels.

Can I buy my own SWIMTAG wristband?

At the moment we only supply wristbands with a system.

Can I use a SWIMTAG system at another pool?

Yes, your SWIMTAG ID Card should work at any pool with SWIMTAG, after you have uploaded the new swim, select the 'Guest Swim' button on your settings page to import into your profile.

If I forget my SWIMTAG ID Card what do I do?

Ask your pool for a temporary SWIMTAG ID Card, log onto your account and click settings. You will be able to enter the temporary card number which will add your last Swim to your account.

I've lost my SWIMTAG ID Card?

Ask at your pool for a new SWIMTAG ID Card, log onto your account and click settings. You will be able to enter the new card number to your account.

I walked out of my pool with a Wristband, what should I do?

Take the wristband back to you pool as soon as possible.

I was given a new SWIMTAG ID Card and it has been linked to my account but I have just found my old one. Can I use both?

No, only one SWIMTAG ID card can be linked to your account at any one time, please give the old one back to your pool.

Can I block a swim mate?

If you decline a swim mate request, the user will no longer be able to make a swim mate request to you.

How do I delete my account?

Send a message to SWIMTAG Support by using the feedback tab.

The SWIMTAG website is not clear / does not function correctly in my browser?

The website has been developed and tested for Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 8+, please use the feedback button to report any bugs/issues with the website.

The 'Login with Facebook' button appears on the login page but I cannot login with Facebook?

If you have un-linked your facebook account but the facebook login button still appears you must de-authorise our app by logging into facebook and going to Account Settings > Applications > Edit (SWIMTAG) and select 'Remove App'.

Using the Lane Displays

What stats can I see on the lane displays?

You can see your live length count, distance swum, swim time and average pace. You can configure what data is displayed on the displays on the settings page of your account.

Why is there a lane display at both ends of the pool?

Only lengths swam in between the two lane displays will be included in your live count. This is to ensure only full lengths are included.

Why is one lane display green and the other one red?

If a pool has more than 1 set of lane displays the colours are used to ensure all the green displays are installed at the same end of the pool and all the red screens are installed at the other end. This system ensures the displays function correctly.

What position should the lane displays be in?

All lane displays should be positioned in the middle of the lane and as close to the edge of the pool as possible.

I think one of the displays was not turned on, can I still see my stats?

No, the lane displays function as a pair, so if one of the screens is off it will not function as normal. Please let the staff know that one of the screens is off so they can charge it up.

Can I swim in a lane without lane displays and still see my live results?

No, any lengths swam outside of a lane with the lane displays installed will not be included in your total.

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